Make Your Lawn Green

How to Make a Lawn Greener

Lawns can occasionally be frustrating to keep green. Between the whole lawn being slightly dry, to bad dry spots, to bug spots, to even very green spots, it can be a handful. But for anyone who has had a lawn so far, it shouldn't be a surprise that green lawns start with good watering habits. This doesn't even mean to over-water. It simply means that in order to properly keep your lawn healthy and strong-and green- you have to learn proper watering habits. We've recently done a lot of research and reading up on studies performed by many educational, governmental, and commercial entities to find out how to get your lawn healthier.

Water Effectively to Keep a Lawn Green

CLICK HERE to read our article on how to water your lawn effectively. These tips will also help your lawn stay greener, easier.

It all starts with making your lawn just a little bit stronger. In order to do that, you need to train your roots to grow deeper. This means watering less, with more time between watering cycles. Trust us, we know it sounds like it won't help, but it will. Apply the principles in the article linked here, or call Sprinkler Master in Lakewood, CO at ‪(720) 577-5542!

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